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About Us

HECIAL is a Social Media Network dedicated to language studies and cultural documentation. Our concept is a revolutionary Approach to language research and development utilising the power of social media network beyond connecting people while working toward accomplishment of agenda 4 and 17 of Sustainable Development Goal(s) and corresponding target(s)..

Continual improvement to provide tools for research and development

HECIAL service is a partneship project to accommodate other languages around the world into Igalapedia language research and development endeavor.
Igalapedia is an intervention project to alleviate impact of language imperialism on minority langauges. The Project is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making organisation that is registerred to publish books and build web based applications for language studies and cultural documentations with particular attention to World Minority Languages and those on awaiting list of extinction.

Igalapedia Project Igala Encyclopedia Heritage Archives Project

Building the world largest language learning community

With +7500 language learning communities already maintained, HECIAL is aimed at redefining the way social media network is to be used. this is achieved by validating functionality in our project for learning local languages, diverse culture and moral standards.

With HECIAL and Igala Encyclopedia being a unified bunch of tools for research and development built on top of one infrastructure, applications and articles for learning Igala Language @www.igalapedia.com have been replicated into +7500 template for learning native languages around the world. This is aimed at positioning our NGO (IGALAPEDIA PROJECT) and her HECIAL as a global player in the language research and development.


Hecial is dedicated to dead languages and those on awaiting list of extinction

Bernard (1996) reports that, "about 97% of the world’s people speak about 4% of the world’s languages; and conversely, about 96% of the world’s languages are spoken by about 3% of the world’s people. In other words, most of the world’s language heterogeneity, then, is under the stewardship of a very small number of people. A situation such as this, could be described as "language imperialism".

Unesco (2003) noted that, "each and every language embodies the unique cultural wisdom of a people. The loss of any language is thus a loss for all humanity. The death of any language results in the irrecoverable loss of unique cultural, historical and ecological knowledge. In other words, the knowledge of any single language may be the key to answering fundamental questions of the future.

Igalapedia sees most African languages as been endangered because there are on their path toward extinction. A language is in danger when its speakers give no relevance to development or using of the language for writing as part of daily life, majority of African people most especially those living outside home failed increasingly to do one of the home work assigned to us by the mother nature, that is not teaching our sibling the speaking of mother tongue, this amount to the reduction in number of communicative domains of affected Languages, The effect of which is the ceasure to pass the language on from one generation to the next. That is, there are no new speakers, adults or children".

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Before things fell apart!, each and every language of the world has a unique cultural wisdom and ecological history that was answering fundamental questions which distinguish them as a people. While some world languages are standing bold on digital media in the form of documentation asking for improvement, African languages are yet to find their place in this sphere of digital age. Igalapedia Project identifies what today's people like and thus utilising the power of social media network beyond connecting people then building apps around this hype for harnessing resources to document and preserve African local content in electronic format.

We aimed to document and preserve vocabularies from world minority languages and the African local contents. From +7500 language learning communities, Search and follow your native language, Follow other languages of choice, Discover new people of like mind, create new connections and make friends to learn new things about mother tongue. Help friends to understand things about a choice language. Many languages sprang out of others, use our comparative languages dictionary to compare meanings to terms, phrases and sentences from languages across the globe

Free download Igala Encylopedia. Register on Hecial to connect with others. Navigate our contents to learn new things about your mother tongue.

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Igalapedia project is prepared on a single database infrastructure to operate on three major nomenclature. All the names are individual system that come together on the terms of Nominal or ostensible partnership arrangement.


Heritage Social Media Network
This is a social interaction ground for discussing culture and languages. With +7500 languages learning communities already created on HECIAL, Igalapedia is aimed at redefining the way social media network is to be used. This is achieved by optimizing functionality in our social media network for learning local languages, diverse culture and moral standards. Start leaning languages now Join us here

Igala Encyclopedia

The Igalapedia Project
This is a customized desktop application connected to the services of http://www.igalapedia.com and http://www.hecial.com for studying reference works that contains information on all branches of knowledge with particular attention to languages and cultural documentation in a comprehensive manner. Key features include dynamic navigational interface, functionality for review and editing of interactions related to languages from Hecial services. Download the app here

Heritage Archives Project

International language research and development center
Heritage Archives is a dream project to house our data center and museum for promoting Africa local contents. This infrastructure has been conceptualized to serve as an international language research and development center with library building, audio visual language research, development laboratory, auditorium and museum. Be part of our history. Make donations or place adverts here Donate now

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Igalapedia Project and the Hecial with data center located at Ejule in Kogi State Nigeria was developed deep in the heart of Niger Delta region and maintained from Lagos Nigeria.

Head Office:
Beside LGEA Ofuloko Primary School Ejule.
Ofu LGA, Kogi State Nigeria.

Reg. Address:
Plot18 Road3 Gbei Layout,
Nkpolu - Rumu Igbo Port Harcourt,
Rivers State Nigeria.

info@hecial.com, admin@igalapedia.com

+23480 640 53228

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