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Hecial is still under construction and we are counting down to July 01, 2019 () for official takeoff

About us

HECIAL is a Social Media Network that is dedicated to academic activities, language research and cultural documentation.

Aims and Objectives

Our primary aim is to document and preserve vocabularies from world minority languages and the African local contents.

Save a language

Pickup a subject, create a research group, and invite friends to discuss problems of your language community today.

Language extinction

Most African languages are on their path towards extinction as the speakers give no relevance to development/ using it for writing as part of daily life.


Hecial is a social media version of Igalapedia Project. The membership framework of www.igalapedia.com has been synchronised with Hecial.

The Igalapedia project

THE Igalapedia Project is an NGO initiated to promote African Culture and Tradition while presenting Igala Land, language and her people as a true portrayal of African identity.


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Igalapedia book search engine

Heritage Clocks

Clock and time translation in various languages

Baby names search engine

+65,000 baby names and meaning from +7,500 language community

Heritage calculators

Scientific calculator to perform maths and also reveal the answer with translation to local languages

Heritage Unit Converter

Here is a tool for converting mathematical and scientific calculations from one unit of measurement to another.

Periodic table

Periodic table in local languages.

Number to words

Number to words converter for various languages

World languages

Alphabetical list of world language languages


Wordnet English dictionary a Photographic Dictionary

Igalapedia Corpus

Building the world largest repository of terms and meanings

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